Janice Wright MD

About me

Functional and Integrative Doctor Optimizing Midlife Health, Well-being, and Longevity

Hi, I'm Janice Wright

I am a Canadian MD and Family Physician (General Practitioner – GP). I was raised in a family that prioritized all aspects of health and well-being. It was a natural choice to enter medicine as I have always been fascinated by human physiology, psychology, the role of stress and lifestyle, and the mind-body connection.

I have been practicing functional, integrative, and lifestyle medicine for over 20 years. My area of special interest is helping people optimize health, well-being, and vitality in mid-life and beyond. All my insights and recommendations are evidence-informed and personalized for you.

My Mission

I help you regain and maintain your vitality during your midlife and golden years by optimizing your hormones and balancing other important internal elements through prescriptions, natural health products, and lifestyle.

Over 20 years of expertise

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been at the forefront of healthcare leadership, advocating for positive change. As a liaison with the Ministry of Health, I’ve worked tirelessly to empower patients, fostering a shift towards engaged and informed healthcare experiences. On a national level, I was an invited speaker in the House of Commons in Ottawa to champion Functional, Integrative, and Preventative Medicine.

Currently serving as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, I am deeply committed to shaping the future of healthcare. Guiding aspiring healthcare professionals allows me to contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of practitioners.

Beyond the clinical realm, I’m a certified yoga and meditation teacher, hosting weekly mindfulness classes. Volunteering as a teacher in various institutions, I’m dedicated to spreading the benefits of mindfulness for holistic well-being.

As a practitioner of functional, integrative, and lifestyle medicine, I merge traditional and alternative approaches to provide comprehensive care. I’ve had the privilege of being a guest speaker at various forums, addressing patients, families, physicians, and community groups, sharing insights on holistic well-being.

My Approach

I see your potential and I am here to hold the bar high. I have patience, compassion, humour, and a breadth and depth of clinical and life experience to share and instill in you because the road of health, healing, and well-being has twists and turns… healing is not linear. I have a natural gift for supporting you to soften or release negative thinking and instead, live your greatest potential.

Expect to notice a fresh perspective and renewing energy immediately… you will experience an uplift in your health and mindset. Enjoy a natural sense of ease, vitality, possibility, and relaxed readiness that is innate… it’s simply that you haven’t been encouraged to discover it or shown how to live from this place within yourself … until now.

Consultations with me

I combine research, tips, tools, and relatable stories that support you with practical ideas for positive change and the inspiration necessary to implement them.

During consultations, I listen to your medical history, symptoms, priorities, and concerns. I order relevant lab work to elucidate. Upon collaborative discussion, I then make recommendations for any, or all, of the following: 

  • bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • other prescriptions
  • vitamins and supplements
  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • exercise and movement
  • stress reduction
  • other lifestyle changes supportive of your values and personal health goals.

Vitality awaits!

My work is a privilege and a joy to me. I warmly welcome you to work with me.
I will listen to and get to the root of what’s troubling you. I am not afraid to look further and explore options. You ask all your questions and together we will find solutions.

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